8 Crazy Restaurants You Have To See To Believe Exist

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 All around the world there are at least eight crazy restaurants you have to see to believe they exist. There restaurants are nothing ordinary. A visit to any one of them would compliment any vacation. 


dinner in the sky

Dinner in the Sky. Dinner in the Sky is a restaurant where guests are suspended 180 feet in the air to enjoy a full course meal and wine. This unique restaurant is going to be located just north of the Las Vegas strip. It is modeled after a similar concept in Europe, and had temporarily had a spot on the strip in the past. Owner Kelley Jones expects it to become a permanent fixture in Vegas. 


ninja nyc

Ninja New York. Ninja New York is a Ninja themed Japanese restaurant. It is located in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan on Hudson Street. The restaurant floor consists of a ninja village with small tables and booths. The area is dark and waiters dressed as ninjas will randomly pop out of the darkness at the guests. This is definitely one of the most unique restaurants in New York.


ithaa restaurant

Ithaa at Hilton MaldivesIthaa was the first underwater restaurant in the world. It is located sixteen feet below the sea level. It has a capacity of fourteen people within the restaurant at any one given time. Diners are offered a 270 degree view of the ocean and the tropical flora and fauna. Restaurants like this are unique places to stop while on vacation to make it memorable. 


dalu robot

Dalu RobotDalu Robot is a unique restaurant where patrons are waited upon by robots. The restaurant is located in Jinan, in China's Shandong province. Many of the robots resemble droids from a science fiction film. Not only do the robots wait on customers, but they also entertain the guests. 


dans le noir

Dans le NoirDans le Noir is located in Barcelona, Spain. The restaurant boasts a very unique quality, the patrons eat their food in the dark. The restaurant employs blind waiters to bring customers their fare. It is an experience that many enjoy, later to become a fond memory. 


bors hede inne

Bors Hede Inne. This restaurant located in Carnation, WA boasts a unique atmosphere. It is set up like a rustic medieval village. The menus here are written in Olde English with a wait staff who are dressed to period. 


Supper Club

SupperclubSupperclub is one of several unique restaurants located all over the world. One of them happens to be located in the United States, in Los Angeles. Food is served to patrons on over-sized beds and eat with their shoes off. They have various musical acts and also other forms of entertainment such as BSDM acts and dancers. 


modern toilet china

Modern Toilet. Modern Toilet is located in Taipei, Taiwan. It is a bathroom themed restaurant, where guests sit on toilets to eat their food. The noodle bowls are shaped like toilets as well.  

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