ABC Party Costume Ideas

Find yourself invited to an “Anything But Clothes” (ABC) costume party, but not sure what to wear? The concept of an "anything but clothes  party is to create an outfit or costume made out of household items or things you normally would not find in a wardrobe. Trash bags, shower curtains and newspaper are popular items used to complete the look. Look no further then here for 7 great costume ideas.

  1. A Gift: Fasten yourself a dress or a pair of shorts (and a top if you’re a lady) out of wrapping paper, and use ribbon to make a bow/secure the garments to your body. If the party is around a holiday of some sort, use wrapping paper themed to that holiday.
  2. Adam and Eve: Do this solo or a mate. Wear a nude leotard for protection, and fasten leaves over your private parts. Take the opportunity to make your hair as messy and as crazy as can be, using hairspray to make a rats nest and tucks leaves and twigs into it.
  3. Plastic Trash Bag: You can make a dress with straps out of a trash bag, making it a great outfit with guarantee that it won’t fall down.  There are many variations, including the weather man and jelly bean ideas listed below.
  4. Shower: Use a shower curtain to make a dress, and use bath sponges to drive the concept home even more. Make it more scandalous by making a strapless dress and using white balloons to make it look like you are in a bubble bath.
  5. Duct Tape: You can make anything, from dresses and skirts to jeans and slippers with duct tape. Wal-Mart carries lots of variety in duct tape selections, including dance colors, animal patterns and other designs.
  6. Weatherman: Use large posters to make two yellow suns. Use ribbon to connect them so you can wear them (similar to those billboards people wear to advertise a product or place) and place over your body. Carry a water bottle and spritz people when you tell them you are “party sunny with a chance of rain”.
  7. Bag of Jelly Beans: Get a very large clear trash bag, and cut holes at the bottom for your head and your arms. Pull the bag over your body. Fill the bag with balloons in various colors. Start near your feet and push the balloons up into the bag towards your chest. Once the bag is filled, tie it off at the bottom.
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