Acapulco Cliff Diving Tips

Consider these Acapulco cliff diving tips if you are vacationing near the mystic Quebrada cliffs. Since the 1930’s, natives of Acapulco have been diving off the cliffs of Quebrada. According to ,the World High Dive Federation the Island of Lana´i in Hawaii holds the honor of the first cliff dive in the 1700’s. Cliff diving has become the experience to see when visiting Mexico. The top dive height from the cliffs of Quebrada is 26.5 meters and the water level is four meters. What makes cliff diving in Mexico dangerous is not the height of the jump but the low level of water.

Keep these Acapulco cliff diving tips in mind when you watch the Los Cladavistas (divers).

  1. Watch cliff diving. High diving is an extreme sport that requires much dedication to acquire the skill level it takes to do a dive like the ones the Acapulco cliff divers do. Watching the actual dive can show you what techniques are used. The best way to do this is to watch a video of a dive in slow motion. A 26-meter dive only lasts three seconds.
  2. Training is necessary. Acapulco cliff divers are trained to dive. High diving requires many years of experience in diving, split second judgments, strong physique, flexibility, faith and courage. Check out the World High Dive Federation,, for schools and instructors.
  3. Don’t attempt a cliff dive if you are over thirty years old. The force of impact is strong enough to break bones, give you a concussion and compress your spine. Cliff diving requires tight muscle contractions, and muscles lose some of this ability as we age.
  4. Don’t jump from more than twenty meters (65.5 ft). Unless you have years of training and are at the peak of your physicality, diving from a higher height is a death sentence. Even seasoned divers have died doing jumps that they have done for years due to one slight off center move or because of attempting a higher dive. 

Acapulco cliff diving is an extreme sport that should be undertaken with great care. If you can’t resist the pull to jump off a cliff and live then make sure you get the proper training; otherwise, stay safe by watching dives from the sidelines.

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