Accountability Coaches

If you’re having a hard time maintaining the focus needed to obtain your goals, you may want to look into hiring an accountability coach. The sole purpose of an accountability coach is to help you focus in on your goals and help you maintain a positive work, life balance. Using a series of tracking systems your accountability coach will help your define your goals, find the barriers that are keeping you from fulfilling those goals and help you plot ways to finally defeat those barriers to your success. In short, an accountability coach helps hold you accountable for your actions. The basic premise behind accountability coaching is that despite our best intentions to succeed, all humans have mental, psychical or sociological barriers that keep us from reaching our full potential. Your accountability coach will help you sort out what issues are blocking your path to success and help you make plans to over come them. 

One of the most important aspects of your relationship with your accountability coach is going to be trust. It doesn’t matter how good your accountability coach is, they won’t be able to help you if you aren’t able to trust them. The first step to building this trust will happen during your first meeting with your accountabilitycoach. At your first meeting you will sit down with your accountability coach and discuss the things you would like to achieve and the things that you feel may be holding you back. At the end of your first meeting your accountability coach may give you a bit of homework to complete before your next meeting. Your homework assignments are designed to introduce you to the tracking system that you and your accountability coach will use to track your progress and help you start to identify the specific areas in your life that may be keeping you from achieving your goals. You will go over the assignments at your next meeting with your accountability coach, this is the time where you and your accountability coach will start to suss out which goals are most important to you and lay out a plan to combat the things that are standing in your way. You can also take this time to make changes to the tracking system that you will be using. Making changes to your tracking system with your accountability coach will ensure that you develop a system that is tailored to your needs and will be much easier for your to stick with over time.

After your have had your first meetings with your accountability coach, it’s your responsibility to go out into the world and do your level best to implement the changes that were discussed during your meetings and keep track of your progress. Your accountability coach will want to discuss any progress or set backs you may have experienced at your follow up meetings. If you haven’t made as much progress as you would have liked don’t worry about it. Your accountability coach isn’t there to brow beat you, they are there to help you see the weak spots in your plan and help you find ways to perfect your process. A good accountability coach will be able to point out your set backs while always encouraging you to improve, and figure out new ways to make things happen if the current method isn’t suited for you. Your accountability coach should be frank and honest tempered with positive feedback and good will, never be cruel. Your relationship with your accountability coach should be open, honest and nurturing. If you feel the relationship is taking a turn for the worst it’s time to find a new accountability coach.

The Overall job of an accountability coach is to help keep you in line and hold you responsible for the actions and in-actions that keep you from being the truly successful person that you know you can be. For a most of us the $100-$900 price tag that comes along with hiring an accountability coach may be a little steep, but if you have the extra coin hiring an accountability coach can be the first step to living your dreams.

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