Acl Surgery Recovery Timeline

Looking for information on ACL surgery recovery timeline? Thanks to modern medicine and arthroscopic surgery, the recovery time that is associated with ACL surgery is not as long as it once used to be. However, the type of ACL surgery that you have can play a role in determining the recovery time. You may have had an ACL reconstruction surgery, which involves using some type of graft to replace the anterior cruciate ligament. Or, you may have had an ACL repair surgery, which is used in the event that you had an avulsion fracture that caused the ACL to separate from the bone.

If your orthopedic surgeon had to perform an open surgery to reconstruct or repair your ACL, you will be looking at a longer recovery time. However, most orthopedic surgeons prefer to perform an arthroscopic procedure when they can because that only involves a few small incisions and it has less risks than open surgery does. Although most ACL surgeries are performed as a same day procedure under spinal or general anesthesia, the method in which your surgery is performed depends on the severity of the damage you have to your ACL.

Following your ACL surgery, you will want to keep your incision(s) dry and clean at all times to prevent infection. You will need to return to your orthopedic surgeon within one to two weeks to get your stitches or staples removed. Depending on what was done during your ACL surgery, you could be looking at anywhere between three months to a year in physical therapy. Most people are able to return to sports or normal activities within four to six months following their ACL surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist will be able to create a personalized recovery timeline for you after your ACL surgery has been performed.

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