Action Movies Your Girlfriend Will Like

The common stereotype is that women don't like action flicks, but if the right guidelines are used, there are plenty of action movies your girlfriend will like. In general, men like things that blow up, go fast and ooze blood. Women prefer in-depth characters, romance and eye candy. But don't despair, there are plenty of action movies that contain all the elements to please both sexes. Here are the top five:

  1. "Die Hard." This Bruce Willis classic, often cited as one of the best films in this genre of all time, is an action movie your girlfriend will like for a few reasons. First, it revolves around a dude fighting bad guys to win back his estranged wife and second because the dude is the charming and a little bit smarmy, Bruce Willis. Girls dig Bruce.
  2. "Terminator 2: Judgement Day." Even if a film involves time travel, shooting, and robots, it can still be an action movie your girlfriend will like if it has a good plot. "Terminator 2" involves a mother going to extraordinary lengths to save her child. What girl wouldn't love that? And even if a woman claims to hate visual effects, she won't be able to deny how cool it is the first time the T1000 turns into a silver version of himself.
  3. "Aliens." Every woman secretly wants to be Sigourney Weaver, which lands "Aliens" on the list of action movies your girlfriend will like. There's an Ellen Ripley deep down inside all girls, wishing she were tough enough to destroy parasitic space creatures and save the world.
  4. "Saving Private Ryan." Even though this film scores very high on the blood and guts front, it is still an action movie your girlfriend will like. The Steven Spielberg war drama is filled with heroics, heart, and a plot to keep her riveted to the bitter end. And, it stars Tom Hanks. That's all she needs to know. Plus, you'll score extra points for covering her eyes during the really bloody scenes.
  5. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." This film has a few elements that make it one of the action movies your girlfriend will like. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt—two of the biggest names in Hollywood. Seeing Brad Pitt get sweaty is really the only reason a girl needs to see a flick, but then add to that the element of living out a fantasy and she'll be thrilled. After all, what girl hasn't dreamed about blowing up her partner? But before you see this film, be sure to check and see if she's on Team Aniston. If she is, pick another movie.
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