Activia Side Effects

When spokesperson Jamie Lee Curtis raves from the television about the magic of Dannon's digestion-regulating yogurt, you won't hear her mention any possible Activia, side effects. However, this snack/health product contains ingredients that may not sit well with some consumers. Although they are uncommon, some of these Activia side effects may make you think about flushing this food from your diet.

  1. Abdominal discomfort Activia contains a proprietary probiotic (healthy bacteria) called Bifidus Regularis, among other probiotics. In some instances, probiotics can cause discomfort in the stomach or intestines.
  2. Gas Some users may experience an increase in gas in the intestines as a side effect of Activia, which is also due to the probiotic content.
  3. Bloating In addition to gas, it is possible to feel some intestinal bloat after consuming the probiotics in Activia.
  4. Short bowel syndrome warning If you have short bowel syndrome, it may be a good idea to steer clear of products containing probiotics. One possible side effect of Activia or other probiotics is a bacterial infection in the bowels, which is more common among those with this condition.
  5. Immune system concerns Those with a weakened immune system have an increased risk of bacterial overgrowth while taking probiotic supplements like Activia.
  6. Possible increased cancer risk The main ingredient in Activia is milk, which may cause side effects and health problems when consumed in high doses. Both prostate and ovarian cancers have been linked to milk intake.
  7. Sugar content All but the plain varieties of Activia contain added sugars (including fructose). While not a direct side effect, consuming too much sugar can lead to obesity. 
  8. Non-vegetarian Vegetarians should be aware that Activia contains gelatin, which is made from fish or beef. Therefore, it is not suitable for non-meat eaters.
  9. It takes time to work Dannon states that in order to begin experiencing the "regularity" promised by Activia, you may need to consume the yogurt once a day for a full two weeks.
  10. Possible ineffectiveness Activia may not work for everyone, and Dannon also claims that the yogurt should be used along with a healthy diet and lifestyle to be effective—which clearly not everyone eating this product will do.
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