Activity Based Budgeting: 10 Tips

Activity Based Budgeting: 10 Tips to help you save money while moving forward. Budgeting comes in several forms. First, sit down with a pad and pen and write down how much you will spend on each area of life (food, car, etc.). Here are some tips on how to cut costs in a proactive way.

  1. Cut Your Own Grass. Even if you only hire someone once every other week, that is still hundreds of dollars every year you could easily save by doing the job yourself hence making this a great budget tip. Used lawn mowers can be found on
  2. Cook Your Own Dinner. Not only do restaurants drain your bank account, they make you fat! Restaurants use far more fatty oils than you would ever use cooking at home, and they charge you double what they paid for the ingredients. Practice an activity-based budget by purchasing fresh, local produce, and cooking for yourself. Find great recipes for free online from This is another great budget tip!
  3. Have A Yard Sale. How many old lamps, free weights, pots and pans, and chairs do you have lying around? A yard sale is a great way to eliminate clutter while making money.
  4. Ride Your Bike To Work. Save money on gas and get a work out at the same time. After two months of commuting on foot or by bike, you will see results both in your pocket and in the mirror.
  5. Get Student Haircuts. Many beauty schools offer discounted prices on haircuts by students ($5-$10). Teachers supervise the cuts, so you won’t be stuck with bad hair.
  6. Locate Dental Schools. Same deal as beauty schools—dental schools offer highly discounted rates on teeth cleanings and other dental procedures by students, supervised by professionals. This is a great activity based budgeting technique for those without dental insurance.
  7. Car Pool. Talk to people you work with, or parents at your children’s school. Find people who live close by, and suggest you carpool a few times a week. If you live in a larger metropolitan area, rideshares can be arranged using craigslist.
  8. Go Hiking. Avoid expensive weekend activities. Skip the movies or the golf course, and do something active. Check out the state parks in your area; most likely there are several great hiking trails nearby.
  9. Bring Your Own Coffee. Lower your carbon footprint while you save money. Bring your own re-usable coffee mug to work. Tip: most coffee shops offer discounted drinks to those of you bring their own mugs!
  10. Check For Sales Online. Before you go shopping, do a quick online search. Type in the name of the store, or the product, and then the word “sales.” There is a good chance you can either find what you need cheaper through an online retailer, or find a coupon for the store you need to go to. Budgeting can be as simple as finding ways to get what you need for less money.




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