Adderall Weight Loss

Adderall weight loss is possible but not recommended, at least according to medical experts. News of Hollywood stars using the medication for weight loss has started a big trend, but doctors say it could be dangerous. The drug is normally prescribed for people suffering with attention deficit disorder, and according to most scientists, it works pretty well for that purpose. It helps these people focus and makes life easier for them, but using it to lose weight might have a variety of consequences.

Adderall weight loss benefits exist because it works as an appetite suppressant, and scientists have known this for a long time, but there are some downsides that people need to consider. People trying to use adderall for weight loss will often use more than the recommended amount of the drug, and long-term use of the medication can be dangerous. Some people eventually have heart and liver problems because of adderall weight loss abuse.

Despite any adderall weight loss benefits, no respectable doctor will prescribe the drug for this purpose. There are other medications that work better for weight loss, and adderall can be addictive. Many people may start using it because of the adderall weight loss potential, but eventually they change their reasons, and start using it for a stimulant high. Since doctors won’t support adderall weight loss uses, people have to go outside the legal system to get the drug, or find a doctor with questionable ethics. In either case, using the drug could have consequences, including legal repercussions, personal problems stemming from addiction, and health dangers. Overall, when you take all these potential problems into account, experts agree that pursuing adderall weight loss is generally a bad idea. 



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