Adult Party Games

There are a few situations where adult party games may get you in trouble, but that's some of the fun. When the young or innocent are not involved, it is possible to get a little more risque with the entertainment that takes place at parties. The best adult party games are the ones that get everyone, even the tight, non-social ones (you know who you are!), involved. Usually, when the quiet ones get involved after a few cocktails, they can be the most fun.

  1. The Belly Dancing Competition Switcheroo: Every guys likes a good belly dance. They're sensual and mesmerizing. How would you guys feel if you were the one being sensual though? This is a fun game to play, especially if the participants have a couple of cocktails in them. Have the men belly dance for the ladies, each one taking a turn, then have each lady cast a vote for their performance. The ladies should have a card numbered 1 to 10 to cast their vote and a couple of decks of playing cards will usually do the trick! This adult party game can be highly entertaining when the ladies start to "defend their men" after a pitiful performance.
  2. Left Foot, Red-Right Hand, Green: There is no adult party game list that would be complete without old faithful! Twister has been around for ages and has been putting people in awkward positions since its introduction to society. Mix in a few cocktails, an inebriated and friendly participant, and the game can get raucous for all involved–participants and onlookers alike.
  3. Banana-mana-fo-fana: This game is called "Banana Feeding". This game works best with couples working as teams, however if weird is what you're after than do random hat pullings for teams. Blind fold one participant with a peeled banana in their hands and spin them enough so that they are dizzy but not sick. With the other participant kneeling in front of them they should try to feed them the banana. It can get messy and hot!
  4. There's a fine line…: This one is called the "crossing line". Each gender lines up opposite each other. Someone starts the game and the participants start to remove articles of clothing, whichever they desire, and lining them in a straight line. Whichever team has the longest line wins. It's fun because it tests everyone's courage, and everyone gets naked. Win-win. Playing with family is highly discouraged. 
  5. Bursting the Bubble:  A simple but erotic adult party game. Sit a guy in a chair and blow up a balloon enough so that it looks like a balloon but still has a lot of durability. You don't want the balloon about to bust. Then their partner sits, bounces, or rubs around on their lap until the balloon bounces…or not. Do you really need an explanation of how this can be fun?
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