Adult Swim Games

Cartoon Network is known for quite a few things, but their Adult Swim games have got be jumping near the top of the list for sheer craziness. These aren't your father's video games. Adult Swim games deal with the irreverant, odd and sometimes downright crazy themes and graphics. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Adult Swim games is that unlike other games hosted on a television network's website, the best games aren't modeled after programs and have their own identity.

  1. Robot Unicorn Attack This is the king of Adult Swim games simply because it is also apparently the flagship. This game has become so popular that it is actually offered as an iPhone app, the only game of its kind offered off the site. The background music alone makes this game worth playing, as if being able to play as a metallic unicorn wouldn't have been enough of a selling point.
  2. House of Dead Ninjas A pretty basic but fun game where you are a ninja dashing through different towers, trying to defeat your enemies and the timer as well. One of the best Adult Swim games because while it seems relatively simple, the need to kill as many enemies as you can while running as fast as you can divides your attention quite well. If only the graphics weren't straight out of pong.
  3. Lesbian Spider Queen of Mars The name alone seemingly gets this game on the list of best Adult Swim games. Honestly, how many video games have you played with lesbian, spider queen and Mars in the title? If you say, "Two," we won't believe you.
  4. Hemp Tycoon This is quite the little inventive play on all the ultra popular Tycoon series games. The fact that the main character is "Hempy" the hemp leaf only adds to the hilarity of this game. The ability to actually come back and continue this game where you left off previously makes it one of the best.
  5. Yeti Sasquatch Annihilation A basic tower defense game with an Adult Swim games twist, this game allows you to either be a Yeti or a Sasquatch and gun down your enemies from atop your tree fort. Shoot enough of your enemies and you can purchase new and deadlier weapons. This might be the most blood spurtingly addictive game of the bunch.
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