Advanced Bouldering Techniques

Here are some advanced bouldering techniques to help improve your climbing performance. These are some of the essentials needed in order to get the best results. Learning these advanced bouldering techniques will help you whether you are a sport climber that does it just for fun or even if you are a competition climber and you are looking to improve your performance.

  1. Preview the route This is a difficult skill to develop, but one of the most essential bouldering techniques to learn. Before you even start your climb you should visualize the whole route. Think about balance, reach, and even the weight as mentally go through the entire route. You should also find the crux and make sure you know what position you need to be in to do it.
  2. Static climbing Static climbing is movement that is controlled entirely by muscle and not momentum. Only move your body when both feet and both hands are firmly planted. You first move your limbs, and then shift your body weight. Make the two movements distinct from each other as you practice this bouldering technique.
  3. Dynamic climbing technique. This is one of the bouldering techniques that can be used when you need to reach a move that you can't get to by using the static technique. This is a fluid momentum movement where you move your weight upward quickly and stop right at the point where your hand reaches the hold. You need to get a grip on the hold before your weight starts to move downward.
  4. Rest Spots Rest spots are one of the more important bouldering techniques. It takes a good climber to recognize a good rest spot and to actually take advantage of it. The best time to find rest spots is when you are previewing the route. Make a point to look for them as you plan out your climb. Look for an edge that you might be able to lean against, or even an overhang that you knee will fit into.
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