Advanced Bowling Tips

Are you looking for advanced bowling tips? Whether you are a beginner who wants to start bowling the way the pros do, or you just want to up your game, we've got your covered. Bowling can be a great sport for those who know the right skills and techniques needed to win the game and look good doing it. So what are you waiting for? Read on to learn some of the best advanced bowling tips and win that game!

  1. Handling spares. Advanced bowlers will need to effectively work with spares, and should know how to handle them right away. You may want to change over to plastic balls when it comes to spares, but every bowler is different. You also might want to stand to the left of the approach line when working with spares located to the left. It is also important to figure out the right speed and spin that works the best for you. 
  2. Learn oil patterns. Different amounts of oil on your lane will affect how the ball rolls. It may be a good idea to make yourself aware of when the lanes are oiled, and how frequently. Once you figure out the oil pattern of your particular lane, you can adjust the way you make your shots. If a lane was recently oiled, the ball will roll quite differently than it will on a dry lane.
  3. Learn to hold the ball correctly. This may seem like obvious information, but it is very important for an advanced bowler to correctly hold the ball when making shots. If you want to make a speedy shot, you should hold the ball a few inches higher than you normally would. Likewise, when making slow shots, you should hold the ball a bit lower.
  4. Control hooking. All advanced bowlers will need this technique to be mastered. When you discover that you are struggling with hooking your ball too often, you should move to the left of the desired hit and throw the ball at a faster speed. If you wish to hook a ball, you will need to stand a bit to the right of the desired hit and should throw the ball more slowly.
  5. Prepare yourself mentally. The game of bowling is not just about how well you physically play the game. Part of the preparation is in the mind, as well. It is important to visualize each and every step before you make it, and to plan it out carefully before you make your move. In order to be successful at a sport like bowling, you must be able to analyze how your conditions are and strategically plan your shots.
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