Advanced Capoeira Moves

These advanced capoeira moves can all help you improve your skills and tactics. Mastering these moves will definitely make you a better fighter. If you want to do better in the roda, you should definitely consider these moves.

  1. Au Cortado: This capoeira move is a power variation of the standard Au move. It involves a turn of the body before you land. This helps throw off your opponent and gives you more options for movement in the roda.
  2. Au Sem Mao: This advanced capoeira move gives you the advantage that your hands are off the ground during your Au. An extremely difficult move to master, it prevents your opponent from tripping your hands on the ground during a standard Au. It's definitely a move worth learning.
  3. Meia Lua Queda de Rins: This Capoeira move is aesthetically impressive, a great move to give you more visual power. It also lets you create other combinations with different movements. This is a variation to the standard Meia Lua, involving much more arm strength and control of the body.
  4. Macaquinho: This movement is difficult to learn, but doesn't require strength. It is a movement of technique, basically a smaller Macaco with an incorporation of queda de rins. It's certainly a visually impressive move, one that can be combined will with other movements.
  5. Bananera: This movement is basically a copeira handstand. It's a great movement to combine with other moves. It's definitely a movement you should eventually learn for the roda.



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