Advanced Swim Workouts

Building a list of advanced swim workouts to try out when you hit the pool for your next practice session will keep you in shape and make sure you're always pushing yourself to be the best. Stick with a routine for too long and your body stops working harder, thus causing you to slow down and perform poorly. Change your workout every month to ensure you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

  1. Warm-up first. Before going all out with your advanced swim workouts, you need to warm up first. Start out swimming 300 yards followed by a 200-yard kick. Finish up with a 100-yard individual medley (IM) and another 50 to 100 yards using the stroke of your choice. This helps you stretch out and limber up your body before starting your advanced swim workout.
  2. Set your goal. Do you want to get in better shape with your advanced swim workout? Perhaps you want to increase your oxygen capacity or you need to practice a specific move. Tailor your advanced swim workout around these types of moves and if you don't feel one does it for you, trade it out for a better advanced swim workout move.
  3. Create your routine. Choose advanced swim workout moves that become more challenging as you go and then work back down. For example, try out 1 x 400 with every 4th length fast, then go to 1 x 300 with every third length fast and continue to decrease until you reach 1 x 100 fast. Another option is to perform 50 fast followed 50 easy, then 2 x 50 fast and 50 easy. Continue this pattern up to 4 x 50 fast and finish off with 50 easy.
  4. Cool down. After you finish your advanced swim workouts, it's important to cool down. It's tempting to jump right in without warming up or cooling down, but this can have disastrous health effects on your body. For your cool down, do 100 freestyle at your own pace. Congratulate yourself on making through your advanced swim workout.
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