Advanced Techniques You’d Learn From Billiard Lessons

Learning about these advanced techniques you'd learn from billiards lessons can really improve your game when you play pool. Many factors come into play when you play this game and often these are things you don't even consciously think about. Below are some good tips to improve your pool-shooting technique.

  1. Use your dominant eye. Just as in the sport of bowling, it is important to use this important technique in billiards as well. Your dominant eye will help you properly position your aim when you are about to make a shot. It will enable you to view the cue ball, your cue stick and the ball you are aiming for in perfect alignment. This is a billiards technique that has been mastered by professional pool players.
  2. Envision the shot. Before making a shot across the pool table, made an educated decision based on your own personal analysis to aim accurately. To do this, draw an imaginary straight line from the cue ball and the object ball, eventually incorporating the cue stick into the mix and leading to the pocket intended for the shot. Extend this line in a way that it will pass through the object ball to the side of the opposite pocket. You will see that the intersection between the imaginary line and the object ball is the perfect spot at which to make your hit. This will ensure that the ball will go exact where you intend it to.
  3. Get a good grip. In order to make the best possible shots in your game of billiards, you will want to maintain a consistent grip on the cue stick. Your grip shouldn't be too loose or too tight but just right at what feels most comfortable for you. With a grip that is too tight, you will strain your wrist and not get a smooth release or shot. On the other side of the coin, a grip that is too loose won't give you enough control, which will make it easier to make scratches throughout your game. This is a technique that professional players have mastered down to the bone. With continuous practice, you too can master it.
  4. Use proper shooting posture. A good body posture and stance is essential in the game of pool. While making or setting up a shot, your body should be bent at least slightly forward at the waist, with your head forward to closely study the table. Your cue should be positioned somewhat flat in relation to your body and the table, rather than straight out or held directly against your torso. At times, you may find yourself leaning more into the table, depending on your shot. This is a standard billiards technique that should come naturally to any pool player.
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