Advanced Wrestling DVDs

You want to improve your wrestling skills, so why not learn from the masters with these advanced wrestling DVDs? This is an age when there are no borders or restrictions in being able to access the very best teachers and coaches. You may not be able to go to them, but you can definitely bring them to you with these advanced wrestling DVDs.

  1. "Dan Gable's Advanced Wrestling DVD" is one of the best of the advanced wrestling DVDs out there. Dan Gable is heralded as one of the greatest coaches of all time by an executive director of USA Wrestling. His DVD covers moves used from a standing position, including body locks, break ties, hand drills, leg attacks and tosses. The DVD also goes to the mat with arm bars, hip heists, standing rolls and switches. This DVD shows how to make small adjustments to any move and gain the advantage.
  2. "Foundation Wrestling: Phase III" is one of the more well rounded of the advanced wrestling DVDs. This four disc compilation is put together by Nick Purler, and covers extreme arm bars, advanced finishes, scrambling and advanced defense techniques from positions like the mid level.
  3. "Tilts, Turns and Pins" is one of the advanced wrestling DVDs put out by Granby System Wrestling. It covers roll through tilts that will put your opponent down from various positions. It also shares techniques on how to dominate when you're on top, including how to achieve tight pins from a variety of positions.
  4. "Turk and Inside Cradle" video is another set of advanced wrestling DVDs by Granby System Wrestling. This one demonstrates how to achieve the Turk with hooks, pressure rides and others methods. It also goes over several positions in which you can make the best use of the Inside Cradle.  
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