Advanced Wrestling Moves

Wrestling is a sport that requires muscular endurance and strength but isn’t limited to it if you want to get some exercise or learn the techniques; wrestlers who have learned the basics of wrestling perform advanced wrestling moves that require much practice and skill. There are several advanced wrestling methods used against opponents, namely, advanced wrestling aerial techniques, advanced wrestling attacks, advanced wrestling double-team maneuvers, advanced wrestling holds and advanced wrestling throws.

  1. Aerial wrestling moves involve the use of ring, ropes and posts to show the speed of a wrestler. This advanced wrestling aerial method involves high risk, and therefore, banned from many maneuvers, according to the WWE. The moves included in this aerial method are Axe handle, Diving Bulldog, Diamond Dust, Diving Crossbody, Moonsault, Senton, Splash, Transition Moves and Sunset Flip.
  2. The advanced wrestling attack is a method used by professional wrestlers to make the opponent ready for a throe or a submission hold. A number of moves come under this method bronco buster, bell clap, back elbow, body press, chops, clothesline, drops, double axe handle, kick, hip attack, lariat, punch, slap, shoulder block and many more. Professional wrestlers also perform some of these advanced wrestling attacks from a high platform.
  3. Advanced wrestling double-team maneuvers uses two wrestlers to execute the move. This method includes the combination of two moves, a submission hold or two throws. Generally, the wrestler who makes the finishing move places his or her name to the move. This wrestling method also has a number of sub categories to include. There are aided moves, Powerbomb combinations, Neckbreaker combinations, backbreaker combinations, Sky lift slam, Stack-superplex, Spanish fly to mention a few.
  4. Wrestling holds is another advanced method used by professional wrestlers to knock down opponents or defeat them. They include stretches, pins and transition holds. There are many variations to this method and used by attackers to weaken the opponent and make him or her submit.
  5. The final method is the advanced wrestling throw. In this method, the wrestler picks the opponent off the ground and slams him or her to the floor. This is a high-risk method as this can cause fatal injury to a wrestler, and therefore, banned from many maneuvers. In this method, the wrestler shows off his power. Therefore, many also call them “power” maneuvers. This advanced wrestling throw method also has many sub categories such as armbreaker, arm drag, brainbuster, bulldog, catapult, facebuster, giant swing, gorilla press, gutbuster, driver, DDT and electric chair drop.
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