Advanced Wrestling Takedowns

Advanced wrestling takedowns involve throwing opponents off balance and getting them to the ground. It's usually done by targeting your opponent's legs. These advanced wrestling takedowns will put you in the top position and scoring. There are many variations of moves and each can be modified to create your own signature and surprising takedown. Experiment and find how it works best for you.

  1. Double leg takedown. This wrestling takedown is far more effective than the single leg takedown. Get your opponent to close his eyes by delivering a fake punch to their face. Put one knee on the ground between your opponent's legs. Go down low so that you have both knees bent, but keep your back straight. Grab both of your opponent's legs then push up off the mat with both of your legs. Sweep your opponent's legs to the side of you and charge your shoulder into his chest.
  2. Fireman's carry. It's important to keep great elbow control over your opponent with this advanced wrestling takedown. Elbow control is achieved by doing an overhook at your opponent's elbow. Then drop down to a double knee position. Pull your opponent over and down across your shoulders by using your elbow control. Swivel your opponent across your shoulders in one fluid motion. Make sure to slam him onto the mat with your body moving in a forward motion so that the opponent lands with their back on the mat. Finish chest to chest.
  3. Flying armbar. This advanced wrestling takedown starts with inside control. Bring your leg up to the opponent's waist. Grab their neck, jump and throw your other leg over your opponent's neck. Let go of your opponent's neck and grab their arm as you fall. Finish the takedown with your legs.
  4. Knee pick. You start out with this advanced wrestling takedown by putting your opponent in a headlock. Take the hand that's holding your opponent's head and reach over to grab your opponent's opposite elbow, too. Put your head in your opponent's armpit, step in and grab his knee. You're now ready to take him down.
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