Advanced Wrestling Techniques

Advanced wrestling techniques include two people using different techniques such as joint locks, clench fighting and several other holds. People who have learned the skills of basic wrestling can learn the advanced wrestling strategies to become a professional wrestler.

It is true that if your opponent is bigger than you are, it becomes difficult to knock him down. However, you can avoid this difficult situation with advanced wrestling techniques. Use of advanced wrestling techniques increases the likelihood of your success against the opponent who is bigger than you are because of your ability to maneuver around the opponent tactfully.

  1. Avoid single leg or traditional attacks. These attacks go in favor of the opponents, especially if your opponent is larger than you are, and helps him to knock you down. In these types of attacks, the opponent uses their weight and difference that works in favor of them.
  2. Use the front headlock technique to knock down the opponent. This technique specially works in favor of smaller players to knock down larger players. Use front headlock technique with leg attack to defend the opponent.
  3. Change your position. Another strategy to keep in mind is to avoid chest-to-chest attacks, especially if your opponent is larger and heavier than you are. This is because the height and the weight work in favor of the larger opponent and your opponent may get the opportunity to knock you down easily. By changing your position, you can get ahead of your opponent.
  4. Use the guard. Also called grappling, use this advanced wrestling technique to grab hold of your opponent, squeezing the energy out of them. Just like in boxing, this slows them down and gives you more time to plan the next move.
  5. Apply a submission hold. When you think you have worn your opponent down, make them submit. Lock their legs, get on top of them, or hold their arm to make them tap out.

Following these advanced wrestling techniques can make a game turn to your favor and the possibility of winning, increases largely. Wrestling is a game that involves not only muscular strength and endurance, but also strategically methods to win a game.

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