Adventure Quest Worlds Cheats

Try out these "Adventure Quest Worlds" cheats when you feel like having an easier time. This browser-based massively multiplayer roleplaying game can eat up a lot of time, so some people might want to cheat in order to get stuff done quickly. These glitches and cheats will help out immensely.

  1. Fast money. This "Adventure Quest Worlds" cheat, while tedious, can help you out a lot in the early levels. To do this, you must go to Noobshire and have completed Rolith's first quest. This quest will ask you to get six rats. You do not even have to fight anything and the quest gives you 100 experience and gold. This quest is repeatable, so you can complete it as many times as you want until you are full on gold.
  2. Special Items. These "Adventure Quest Worlds" cheats will unlock special items based on the code you enter. This cheat begins by going to Valencia in Battle Town and clicking on the "Special Codes" button. From here, enter "Thirteen1" for Thirteen1 Badger Helm. Entering "oicu812" will unlock the special Beckett's shop.
  3. Quick Quests. This "Adventure Quest Worlds" cheat will allow you to instantly turn in quests instead of having to go back to the quest giver. To do this cheat, you must first get the quest and leave the quest box open. Now, just finish the quest. You will be able to click turn in on the quest box.
  4. Faster upgrades. This "Adventure Quest World" cheat will allow you to pool together multiple items to upgrade quickly. To do this, simply open another tab in your browser running "Adventure Quest Worlds" and begin killing things on both accounts. You will get double the upgrades this way.
  5. Easy reputation. This "Adventure Quest Worlds" cheat will get you reputation faster than most other ways in the game. You need to go to the crash site area and start killing any Dwakel enemy you can find. These enemies die extremely fast and give a nice chunk of reputation. Keep grinding on these until you are satisfied.
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