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Get quick advice to all of life's pesky dramas when you read these advice columns. Advice columns are a long standing tradition of American media. For decades people have turned to these writers with life’s burning questions. Most advice columns are fluff pieces that are aimed towards solving the benign problems of middle America, but no matter how you feel about the advice dispensed from these domestic gurus, reading an advice column is usually good for a laugh.

  1. Dear Prudence Written by Emily Yoffe for, Dear Prudence combines the traditional fluff of the advice columns that your grandma used to read and infuses them with the insight of your favorite aunt who drinks a little too much. Like traditional advice columns, Dear Prudence deals mostly fluff advice like is it appropriate to send someone a wedding invitation after a funeral or how to handle a bridezilla. Sometimes her advice regarding sex and fetish behaviour is prudish, but that’s par for the course.
  2. Friend or Foe This is another advice column posted on, this time penned by Lucinda Rosendfeld. While it deals with the same kind of benign advice as every other advise column, the twist on Friend or Foe is that it specializes in giving advice that will help readers decide to keep or dump a friend. So instead of questions about cheating hubbys and woeful wives, you’re more likely to hear people wondering what to do when a friend uses your apartment like a cheap hotel.
  3. Dear Abby You can’t talk about advice columns without talking about the grand dame of them all: Dear Abby. Penned by Pauline Esther Friedman under the pen name Abigail van Buren, Dear Abby was first published in 1956 when Pauline went to the editor of "The San Francisco Chronicle," claiming to be able to write a better advice column than what he had going. Her advice column was a rousing success and the rest is history. Known for applying common sense to life’s sticky situations, Dear Abby went onto become one of the most widely syndicated newspaper columns in America and set the format for what we have come to expect when we crack open an advice column. As her health began to fail, Pauline’s daughter, Jeanne Phillips, took over the mantel of Dear Abby and continues to disseminate advice to the masses via her syndicated newspaper columns and her blogs.
  4. Savage Love Penned by the wickedly witty Dan Savage for “The Stranger,” this is an advice column that is not for the faint of heart. Where most advice columns tend to treat questions about sex with kid gloves or gently suggest that anyone who wants more than vanilla, missionary style sex needs to seek immediate therapy, Dan Save approaches the topic head on. From fisting to spanking and everything in between, Dan Savage writes an advice column for people who want realistic advice about their sexual dilemmas. Sometimes the short hand in the column can be a bit rough to get into (GGG= good, giving, game and DTMFA=dump the m***a f**ker already) but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that you’re reading one of the funniest and insightful advice columns around.
  5. Since You Asked Publised every week at and penned by Cary Tennis, this is one of the more morbid—albeit entertaining—advice columns out there. This advice column specializes in dealing with love and grief. From the creepy dude who wants to marry his wife's stepmom because he's trapped in the bowels of a loveless marriage to the heartbreaking story of a women who has buried three of her best freinds before her wedding, if you're into death and twisted family dynamics, this advice colum is for  you.



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