Aerobatic Flying Lessons: What To Expect

So you want to try something daring and you plan to take aerobatic flying lessons, and you want to know what to expect.  Soaring through the air while doing twists and turns can really make you feel free as a bird.  After this article, you will have an idea as to what to expect during aerobatic flying lessons.  This is a fun and daring sport.  You are sure to enjoy yourself and have fun!

  1. Get to know your pilot.  The very first thing to expect from aerobatic flying lessons is that you will meet your pilot.  He will take you to the plane and show you around.  He will also buckle you in to secure you into the plane.  He will go over rules and regulations as well.  Finally, he will go over using radio communications.
  2. Take off.  After you are in the plane, expect to take off to start your flying lessons.  You will fly straight until you get to the training area in the sky.  It will be a smooth flight there, so don't expect much.
  3. Look at surroundings.  You can then expect to know your surroundings.  Once you get to the training area, you will be looking around in the sky.  This is an important part of aerobatic flying lessons. You will be mindful of tall buildings, clouds, and other things in the sky.
  4. How are you feeling?  You can expect to be asked how everything is going.  If your instructor thinks you are comfortable, you will start the lesson.  The flight instructor will start the first aerobatic flying move and explain what he is doing as he goes through it.
  5. You're done!  That will be your first of your aerobatic flying lessons.  You will have an understanding to how the plane works.  You will know how and when to maneuver it.
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