Aggressive Body Language

Aggressive body language is always something you should pay attention to and take seriously. When you are on a date, there are distinctive things to look for that will give you a clue as to whether she is playing rough or is really pissed-off. Keep reading so you can know when you need to back down before a situation escalates.

  1. Clenched fists. Unless her hands are cold, clenched fists are a form of aggressive body language. Because of the fight or flight sensations individuals feel, clenched fists are an instinctive reaction to witnessing or hearing something angering. If you see your date clench her fists after making a crude remark or a seemingly innocent joke, you may have struck a nerve.
  2. Facial expressions. Aggressive body language is often shown with facial expressions. Nostrils that flare as a face turns bright red and the pupils dilate, pursed lips or the bearing of teeth, and eye squinting or burning holes into you with the eyes are all signs she is not happy.
  3. Insulting gestures. Aside from the obvious middle finger, aggressive body language may include gestures used to insult you. For example, a woman may wave her hand up and down at you in an attempt to show dominance and communicate she wants you out of her sights. You can also consider the I’ve-got-my-eyes-on-you gesture as aggressive, where an individual points their second and third fingers at their own eyes then at you too. Pretty much, any gesture done to make you feel bad, belittle or insult you can be forms of aggressive body language.

Aggressive body language comes in the form of big gestures and small ones that may be hard to catch. When you do see a sign of aggression in your girl, it is time to take time-out and give her time to cool-off and find out what is causing the rage.

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