Albert Einstein Inventions

Albert Einstein's inventions changed the world in a variety of ways and while most people know the man is one of the many geniuses to ever live, most people don't know exactly what he did or invented. Albert Einstein wasn't immediately known as a renowned inventor. He was a patent clerk working in Switzerland who was finally noticed for a number of his ideas and inventions, launching him into the public spotlight and making him one of the most famous inventors to ever live. Check out a number Albert Einstein inventions from the list below.

  1. The Refrigerator Few people know this, but one of the most important inventions in the history of human society was the Albert Einstein invention of the refrigerator. This was incredibly important because it allowed people to store food in a cold place for an extended period of time, rather than forcing them to eat it on the spot or lose money when the food spoiled. The refrigerator also helped reduce disease among people who would occasionally eat rotten food because they didn't know or were hungry and didn't have any other option. Think about how much we all rely on the refrigerator in our everyday lives and thank Albert Einstein for this invention.
  2. The Theory of Relativity This theory of relativity, also known as E equals MC squared, is Albert Einstein's most famous invention, as it is what led to the ability to create nuclear fusion. This Albert Einstein invention is both good and bad, as it allowed people to harness energy from nuclear energy but also allowed people to build the nuclear bomb, which has changed the way the world works because we harnessed the ability to destroy the world as we know it.
  3. Why the Sky Is Blue A little known Albert Einstein invention is the reason for why the sky is blue. Einstein solved this age-old question by calculating the scattering of light from molecules. He proved it through a simple experiment and forever gave annoyed parents an answer to their kid's question.
  4. Quantum Physics One of the the theories Albert Einstein invented was something called the photoelectric effect. This showed that when a quanta of light strikes atoms in metal, electrons are released. This was the basis for quantum physics, which Einstein also invented through his experimentation.
  5. Formula for Brownian Motion This was one of Albert Einstein's first inventions, based on experiments he did while he was in college. If you're like most of us and don't know what the Brownian Motion is, it's the movement of particles in liquids. No one had documented this effectively until Einstein came along.
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