Alcohol And Drug Testing Facts

If you are subjected to alcohol and drug testing due to your job or probation you may be interested in these alcohol and drug testing facts. Random drug and alcohol testing is the right of the employer and of the state if you are on probation or parole. If you get hurt at work, you will most likely be subjected to a drug and alcohol test.

Drugs and alcohol stay in your system for varying amounts of time. Alcohol can stay in your system up to twelve hours, depending on the amount and what you are drinking. Heavy drug use can be detected in your system months after you have stopped. However, most recreational used drugs are flushed away in about a week.

There are various ways to test from drugs and alcohol. Urine testing is the most commonly used method for employers and probation officers. Hair testing is available but not a popular form of drug and alcohol testing. Breathalyzer and blood tests are most commonly used for alcohol testing. There is a sweat patch available when urine testing cannot be performed. It can take between one and four hours, so it is somewhat unconventional.

There are some foods and medications that can show false positives on drug and alcohol tests. Poppy seeds are one of the most common false positives. They are often found in cookies, salad dressings, and as toppings on rolls or buns. Hemp seed oil is often found in baked goods can cause a false positive. Certain over the counter medications will have this affect as well. 

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