Alcoholism Signs And Symptoms

If you think you may have a drinking problem, or that someone close to you may, there are certain alcoholism signs and symptoms to look for in your own life or the lives of your loved ones. Guilt or shame about drinking are common alcoholism signs and symptoms, as are lying to others about or hiding drinking habits. Other common alcoholism signs and symptoms include needing to drink to relax or unwind, blacking out, and regularly drinking more than intended. Here are some more specific alcoholism signs and symptoms.

  1. Repeatedly neglecting responsibilities due to drinking. This category of alcoholism signs and symptoms includes performing poorly at or missing work due to drinking or hangovers, flunking classes, and skipping out on commitments. Neglecting family, spouses or children, also falls under this.
  2. Using alcohol in physically dangerous situations. This category of alcoholism signs and symptoms includes operating heavy machinery while drunk. It also includes the incredible dangers of drunk driving and mixing alcohol with prescription medications that do not mix well with alcohol.
  3. Repeat legal problems as a result of drinking. This can include everything from public intoxication arrests to assaults from fighting while drunk. This category of alcoholism signs and symptoms is very serious and also includes drunk driving. If this is something you or a family member is experiencing, help should be sought immediately.
  4. Continuing to drink even though it is causing relationship problems. This could be with family members such as parents, spouses, or children. It can also include romantic relationships and friendships.
  5. Drinking as a way to relax or de-stress. This includes self-medicating with alcohol, using alcohol as a way to get to sleep at night, or the need for a drink after work or school. If drinking is essential to unwind, there may be a drinking problem.

These alcoholism signs and symptoms can help to tell if one is engaging in alcohol abuse. If there is any question, seek help immediately from a family physician or addiction program in your area.




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