Alf’ Actors: Where Are They Now?

Ever wonder to yourself, "Alf Actors: Where Are They Now?". Thinking about where the Alf actors are today? Well they are all over the place. Alf really was a great television show which prospered in the ratings. This article will tell you where each of the show's main characters are and what they have been doing since this television show stopped airing. Here they are.

  1. Alf- The man behind Alf is Paul Fusco. Paul Fusco has been keeping busy over the years by doing Alf spoofs. He came out with a talk show revolving around Alf and released an Alf DVD. Along with playing Alf, he has appeared in an episode of Space Cats as Captain Catgut.
  2. Willie Tanner- Max Wright, who played Willie Tanner in Alf, has appeared in many television sitcoms and shows but failed to stick in any of them. Some of his appearances have included the Drew Carey Show, Friends, and Mad About you. Max Wright has not appeared in a television show or movie since 2005.
  3. Kate Tanner- The actor who played Kate tanner was Anne Scedeen. She has pretty much stayed out of Hollywood after the show ended, making only a few appearances. She was last seen in three episodes of "Judging Amy" in 2001.
  4. Lynn Tanner- Andrea Elson played Lynn Tanner. Andrea Elson, just like Max Wright, has appeared in many different shows, but failed to stick around for more than an episode or two. She has been in 13 different shows since Alf with the biggest ones being "Mad About You", "Married With Children", and "Step By Step". She has not played a major character since 1997.
  5. Brian Tanner- The man who played Brian Tanner was Benji Gregory. After Alf ended he basically stayed out of the spotlight appearing in only four other television shows. He was last seen in a television show or a movie when he was in "Once Upon A Forest".

Together, these five actors made up the most dysfunctional family on television and that is where they have been since the show ended. Some have continued to work in Hollywood and some have stayed out of the spotlight, but wherever they ended up we will always remember them for entering Americas homes as everyone's favorite alien embracing family.

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