Alice In Chains Discography

Alice in Chains’ discography may not have had many albums on it, but the ones that where a part of their discography were powerful and important to music in many ways. Back in the mid 80’s the band formed with lead singer Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell as the guitarist, and was called the Layne Staley Project. They eventually recruited Sean Kinney as the drummer and Mike Starr as the bassist, and in 1990 they released their first album Facelift. The band had a total of 9 albums including LP’s, EP’s, and their live albums. Layne Staley, who had drug abuse issues in the past, overdosed in 2002 from a deadly combination of cocaine and heroin. The band faded away from public view until 2006 when a brand new frontman, William DuVall, took Staley’s place in the band. Even through adversity, and even tragedy, Alice in Chains Discography may not be the longest in the grunge scene, but it is a memorable and influential discography none the less.

Alice in Chains LP Discography:

  1. "Facelift", 1990: The first of the Alice in Chains albums, fans consider “Facelift” to be a breakthrough LP and have many favorites such as “Man in the Box”, “Sea of Sorrow”, and “Bleed the Freak”. Jerry Cantrell, guitarist for the band, was quoted in an Alice in Chains boxset named Music Bank, as saying “That whole beat and grind of that is when we started to find ourselves; it helped Alice become what it was.”
  2. "Dirt", 1992: The second album, "Dirt", is considered one of the darkest albums of the bands career, with subject matter like suicide, and mortality. It was also one of the most popular albums of the bands career. Songs like “Them Bones”, “Down in a Hole”, and “Rooster” to name a few, propelled the band into the limelight. The band’s song entitled “God Smack” was the inspiration for the name of the later-year grunge/alternative band, Godsmack.
  3. "Alice in Chains", 1995: The band’s third full length album was released in November of 1995 to critical acclaim. Songs like “Grind”, ”Again”, and “Shame in You” were received very well by fans and critics alike, however the band refused to tour for the album, leading to drug abuse rumors, and the album falling off the charts the week after its debut.
  4. "Black Gives Way to Blue", 2009: After the death of Layne Staley and several years of band members doing various other projects, the Alice in Chains Discography grew by one, when the band got back together with a brand new lead singer named William DuVall.

Alice in Chains EP Discography:

  1. "We Die Young", 1990: This EP was actually the demo the band used in order to get recognized by a music label. This EP is one of the most sought after albums of the entire Alice in Chains Discography, with a signed copy going for up to $2,000 on Ebay, in 2003.
  2. "Sap", 1992: This EP also started out as a demo, but instead ended up being five acoustic songs. This EP also brought together many grunge and alternative bands together in collaboration, including members from the bands Soundgarden, Heart, and Mudhoney. The song entitled “Right Turn” was credited as “Alice Mudgarden” in the liner notes, to reflect the collaboration between the bands.
  3. "Jar of Flies", 1994: The final EP the band made was almost as popular as many of their LP’s. The biggest and most well received song on the album was “No Excuses”, and was one of the most popular on all of Alice in Chains’ Discography.

Alice in Chains Live Discography:

  1. "MTV Unplugged", 1996: One of the most popular albums in Alice in Chains’ Discography was the "MTV Unplugged" album that Alice in Chains released. The entire album was performed with acoustic guitars, and along with Nirvana’s Unplugged album, has become one of the biggest albums ever released by MTV.
  2. "Live", 2000: This album was released in 2000 to lackluster results. It was simply live performances of previously released material except for one song entitled “Queen of the Rodeo”, which was also released on the boxset, Music Bank.
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