Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

Despite it's fantastical name, Alice In Wonderland Syndrome is very real. This syndrome, also sometimes known as Todd's Syndrome, can affect people aflicted with migranes and brain tumors, and in some cases people who use psychoactive drugs. Alice In Wonderland Syndrome is a psychological disoreder that affects how people perceive themselves.

Remember Lewis Caroll's children's book "Alice In Wonderland"? Remember how Alice grew and shrank and changed shape as she wandered through Wonderland? People with Alice In Wonderland Syndrome feel as though they too are growing and shirking. People who suffer from this syndrome will often feel as though parts of their body are different sizes than they actually are (they might feel as though their arms had suddenly become abnormally large, for example). In some cases they may just feel confused and uncertain about how big or small parts of their body are. This syndrome is usually accompanied by a migrane.

What causes Alice In Wonderland Syndrome? The first thing to know is that it's a problem of perception, not a physical problem. In other words, it's not as though the sufferer has a physical problem with his or her eye that causes them to think that their hand is tiny or monsterously large. It's a neurological disorder caused by the brain misperceiving the sensory information it receives.

The symptoms of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome can be lessened though the use of certain drugs. Antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and beta blockers are commonly perscribed to assist sufferers. Fortunately, Alice In Wonderland Syndrome is usually a temporary condition, and though it may take time, patients usually have to just wait for the effects to wear off. (Sounds kind of like a bad LSD trip, huh?)

This is a rare disease, so it is unlikely that you or anyone you know will ever be affected by it. However, you shoudl seek medical treatment immediately if you display the symptoms associated with this syndrome.



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