All Tricks And Tips For Motorola I465

Looking for all of the tricks and tips for your Motorola i465? The Motorola i465 has been designed for Boost Mobile. The guideline below will help you get the most out of your Motorola i465.

  1. Bluetooth. Your Motorola i465 is bluetooth compatible. That means that you can easily pair it up with a hands free bluetooth headset, your GPS, and even your computer. To pair your Motorola i465 with a bluetooth compatible device, press the Menu button and then look for the bluetooth icon. Go to Hands Free and then Find Devices. Make sure that your bluetooth device is powered on. Press the OK key when your Motorola i465 locates the bluetooth device. You may need to enter a PIN number. 
  2. Push to View. Even if you have received a call from a private number, your Motorola i465 allows you to store this number so that you can send text messages, pictures, etc. to that number. To use this feature, go to Menu, then Use PTT Feature, then Send Message. Additional fees may apply for using this feature.
  3. LED Indicators. Your Motorola i465 will make a noise when you receive a message, voicemail, or when you are near a bluetooth compatible device. You can easily turn these audible alarms off. Go to Menu, then Settings, then Display/Info, then Backlight. From there, you will see Bluetooth LED, Message LED, and VMail LED. Just set one or all of them to off to disable the LED indicators.
  4. Camera. The Motorola i465 comes equipped with a digital camera. To access the camera, press the key with the little camera on it, which is located to the right of the screen on your Motorola i465. Your Motorola i465 also has up to four times zoom. To access the zoom settings, press the Menu key while the camera is enabled.
  5. Datebook. The days of needing a PDA to store your appointments is over. Your Motorola i465 comes standard with a feature packed datebook. To access the datebook, press the Menu key and select Datebook. From there, you will see various options, such as New Event. You can set up event alerts and tell your Motorola I465 when to delete the event from your datebook.


i465 User Manual

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