Allen Iverson Shoes

Although Allen Iverson is no longer strutting his wares in the NBA, these Allen Iverson shoes are still sought after by hard-core basketball fans. At his peak, Allen Iverson led the Philadelphia 76ers to the finals while picking up an NBA Most Valuable Player award that same season. Love him or hate him, most will agree that Allen Iverson shoes are some of the most comfortable and stylish basketball shoes ever.

  1. Reebok Question. Remember the nasty crossover move Iverson put on Jordan during his rookie year? Well these were the kicks with the visible Hexalite that Iverson wore during that season. It had a plethora of colorways but the most popular were the black/white and red/white versions. Not only did it look good, it also provided excellent traction on-court. Reebok reissued these Allen Iverson shoes even during his brief stint as a Denver Nugget.

  2. Reebok Answer. Iverson donned these shoes as a sophomore player. He often showcased the popular black/white editions with a nice gold trim as well as the re/black variant. It was still a very comfortable shoe but instead of the patented Hexalite, Reebok opted to use their DMX cushioning. A massive advertisement campaign was also launched to market these Allen Iverson shoes.

  3. Reebok Question Mid x UNDFTD. Even though the most popular Allen Iverson shoes were high-cut shoes, there were a few mid-cuts that sold like hotcakes. These shoes had Allen Iverson's “Answer” nickname and an image of the Liberty Bell on the tongue. This model was sold in several colorways but the most desired was the black/charcoal edition with the cool speckled midsole.

  4. Reebok Question III. Allen Iverson was the man in Philadelphia. However, after 13 seasons with the 76ers, he was traded to the the Denver Nuggets for Joe Smith, Andre Miller and a pair of first-round draft picks. Limited editions of the Reebok Question III were released during his first year with Denver. It featured the Nugget's team colors but had “TNX PHILA” was printed on the side as Iverson's show of appreciation for the city launched his remarkable NBA career.

  5. Reebok Answer IV. These Allen Iverson shoes graced the 2001 NBA Finals. Even though the daredevil shooting guard failed to topple the mighty Los Angeles Lakers, he may have had one of the best looking shoes on-court. He wore the black/white edition and even though it did not have the patented DMX cushioning, it may have been one of the most comfortable Allen Iverson shoes.

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