Allen Iverson Tattoos

Allen Iverson's tattoos are known for being both unique and aesthetically powerful. His tattoos are located primarily on his arms, hands and chest – a significant presence on his body. Over the years, his skin art seems to grow, making it uncertain when or if he will stop.

  1. Only the Strong Survive: Perhaps his most well-known tattoo, "Only the Strong Survive" is written atop his left arm. It features an image of a wooden, jagged cross tied together by thin rope. The lower half of the cross is cut in two, with blood seeping and the word "strong" showing up between the two parts.
  2. Skull: Allen Iverson's skull tattoo is extremely visible on his right arm. It is quite large (about five to six inches) and has his skin showing through for the eyes, creating a stark contrast between the skull and his body to give an appearance of glowing arms. Beneath it, the word "Soldier" is written in capital letters.
  3. Cru Thik: Allen Iverson has more than one "Cru thik" tattoo. On his right bicep, the words appear with a shadow cast and in all capital letters. It appears on his left arm as well with the words "Dynasty Radaz" written below it. Cru thik is not randomly chosen; it is the name of Iverson's record company.
  4. Bulldog: On Iverson's left arm, there is a bulldog with the words "The Answer" written above it. This was Iverson's first tattoo, which he had done while at college. "The Answer" was Iverson's nickname in college.
  5. Strength: The word strength is written on Allen Iverson's left arm. Written in sanskrit, the tattoo appears on his left bicep.
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