Almond Milk Benefits

There are numerous almond milk benefits to help keep your body in tiptop shape. Almond milk is made from ground almonds and unlike animal milk, it has no cholesterol or lactose. Commercially available in a variety of flavors such as vanilla, chocolate or plain, there are so many ways to enjoy your beverage while getting your almond milk benefits at the same time.

  1. Weight Management. If you opt for plain, almond milk, you take in only 60 calories for an 8 oz serving size. Considering some milk varieties contain excessive amounts of sugars, it may be wise to switch to almond milk for your day to day milk requirements. When combined with a good diet and a healthy overall lifestyle, almond milk can help you shed those pounds.

  2. Healthy Heart. Almond milk benefits also covers your cardiovascular health. Since it has no cholesterol and has a mere 5 mg of sodium per serving, almond milk helps your keep your ticker ticking. Studies also show that almond milk contains a good amount of potassium in each serving.

  3. Bone Health. Almond milk benefits your bone health. A single serving contains 30% of your daily calcium needs and 25% of your Vitamin D requirements. Vitamin D is said to control osteoporosis and may even stave off Alzheimer's Disease. This tasty treat even gives you a good dose of magnesium, a chemical element that helps you absorb more of the calcium you take in.

  4. Skin Care. Forget those expensive skin cremes. Almond milk benefits your skin to help you look your very best. Just a single serving of this powerhouse drink provides you with a whopping 50% of your recommended Vitamin E intake. Vitamin E is a potent nutrient with amazing antioxidant properties that helps you make effective use of Vitamin A.

  5. Muscle Strength. Almond milk may not be a good source of protein but it contains a host of minerals that aid in muscle growth and development. Aside from providing you with riboflavin, it also contains a significant amount of iron which helps our muscles absorb and make use of protein for muscle growth and repair.   

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