Alpha Male Characteristics

Unlike the animal kingdom, alpha male characteristics have evolved to become somewhat more subtle in the human realm. They have, however, maintained some key universal characteristics that nearly all alpha males (of any mammal species) seem to possess. And while you likely won’t see a couple of guys in a fistfight just to prove their dominance very often, much of a man’s behavior and unconscious action is geared toward projecting the qualities of an alpha male. The following are some oft-used (and usually consciously unnoticed) methods of displaying alpha male characteristics.

  1. True alpha-males leave the “showing off” to challengers. In this context, the “challengers” we’re talking about are the prototypical tight t-shirt wearing, overaggressive guys that flock to the bars every weekend. Though they might seem tough, so to speak, their behavior often unintentionally signals vulnerability and insecurity to onlookers. Those with true alpha male characteristics, on the other hand, don’t participate – mainly because they don’t have to. This includes physical altercations. While the challenger type might be inclined to confrontation and even fighting, the alpha male feels no such need to prove himself. The confidence is there already, and doesn’t need to be supplemented with this type of behavior.
  2. Being an alpha male and a natural leader goes hand-in-hand. Though it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact qualities of natural leaders, a few alpha male characteristics are common in almost all of them. First and foremost, they have confidence in their words and actions. It comes through in their voice (clear and authoritative, while remaining friendly), their posture (typically open as opposed to defensive – meaning no crossed arms or slouching) and their mannerisms (never nervous looking, overactive, or “twitchy”). In addition to these more primitive leadership characteristics, they’re also well-socialized. Emotional intelligence is an important characteristic that alpha males share. They’re generally good conversationalists, and can read people or judge character very well. Others, in turn, pick up on this, and naturally look to him (usually subtly and nonverbally) for guidance in social situations.
  3. Alpha males are very rarely frazzled or uncomfortable. Of course, almost no one is able to pull off this alpha male characteristic all the time. Some extraordinary situations can catch anyone off-guard. But, generally speaking, alpha males are relatively comfortable in almost any position – whether it be approaching an attractive woman or giving a presentation to a group of executives. This comfort in most situations is more an effect of confidence and subtle dominance than it is a separate characteristic. But either way, it is always clearly projected to those who are receiving communicative signals from the alpha male. 
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