Alternative Clothing

Add some style to your closet with these alternative clothing trends. Trying these different alternative clothing suggestions in your wardrobe will infuse your appearance with some edge. Remember, to add some style you don’t have to completely reinvent your look. Start out slow by incorporating one or two of these trends into your existing wardrobe.

  1. Man bags This alternative clothing trend might seem a bit strange at first, but these leather man bags are useful and fashionable. They also come in many different looks and the bags with a bit more alternative style are the trendiest. To find an alternative style bag, look for man bags that are a dark color, such as black, and have metal accents.
  2. Motorcycle and military jackets Very masculine alternative clothing is very trendy right now. Motorcycle and military jackets are great pieces that can add an alternative flare to any existing attire. These are also great investment pieces since they normally stay stylish for more than a season. For style on a budget, look for this alternative clothing trend at secondhand and resale stores.
  3. Color.An easy alternative clothing trend is the use of color in your wardrobe. It isn’t necessary to go out and buy a lot of new pieces. Try paring colors that you normally wouldn’t consider wearing together.
  4. Retro sneakers Footwear is another great investment piece. You can wear the same pair of shoes with multiple outfits. Retro sneakers will add an alternative edge to your clothing. You can also look for sneakers in bold colors that you can use to add pop to the outfit.
  5. Prints Some easy alternative clothing prints you can add to your wardrobe are plaid, gingham and stripes. These are classic prints that will continue to add flare for multiple seasons. You can also consider more bold prints such as guitars, skulls and motorcycles. More bold prints go out of style faster but can add more impact to an outfit than a more classic print.
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