Alternative Colon Cancer Treatments

Are you looking for alternative colon cancer treatments? Having cancer and especially colon cancer can be scary. Yes, it is a life threatening disease, but colon cancer is curable. You the patient do not have to die; you have a choice to live and to live well. This article will delve into many alternative plans available for you.

  1. What is Colon Cancer? Colorectal cancer or colon cancer as it is commonly called is a cancer of the large intestines. It is curable if caught early enough. In stage one colon cancer has an almost 100% cure rate. Learning about the different stages and if alternative cures will help you will be discussed further.
  2. Stages of Colon Cancer. With all cancers, there are stages. Stage one is the beginning stage and where the cancer has first erupted and is confined to the lining of the colon. Stage II is when the cancer has penetrated the lining of the colon. Stage III is when the cancer has invaded one or more lymph nodes and the final stage IV is when the cancer has spread.
  3. Can You Use an Alternative Treatment? Stage I and stage II colon cancer patients can use alternative treatments for sure. If your cancer has partially blocked or completely blocked the colon, then alternative treatments may not be used solely. A completely blocked colon will need surgery and a partially blocked colon can only use alternative therapies that do not induce swelling, such as the Budwig Diet.
  4. Budwig Flax Seed Oil Diet. The top diet for cancer has got to be the Dr. Johanna Budwig Diet using flax seed oil and a natural eating plan. This diet allows no processed foods and only food herbs. This means no medicine of any kind and definitely no chemotherapy. The patient is warned that they must stay on the diet for at least five years or be faced with returning tumors that cannot be healed.  Dr. Budwig has able to heal patients who had only two weeks left to live with the use of enemas.
  5. Dr. Max Gerson Diet. The Gerson diet is based on lots of juicing and many enemas in the day. Their carrot juice diet is very famous worldwide and if you cannot do the whole diet, you should not start, as it may not be successful. The diet does require a very expensive blender, some herbs and supplements also. There are only a few clinics, which are very expensive. For those who cannot go to their clinics, self help is available online.
  6. Raw Food Diet. Among those who have been cured naturally are those who went on a 100% raw vegan diet. Juicing one pint a day of carrot and one pint a day of celery juice is among the protocols explained by some. Herbs that have been proven to be beneficial are pau d’arco, red clover, nettles and apricot seeds.
  7. Nigella Sativa Cancer Cures. Nigella sativa has been used for thousands of years and recently science has discovered its remarkable ability to cure pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer being one of the most invasive cancers there is. This simple routine includes one teaspoon of black cumin oil (nigella sativa) combined with 1 teaspoon of raw honey three times a day. It is also suggested to take four cloves of garlic daily. Nigella sativa only works on stage I and II cancers.
  8. Vitamin C Therapy. Many Patients have had success with high does of vitamin C. This is done correctly by flushing the body with vitamin C. It will take mega doses of vitamin C to correctly kill any cancer involved and this therapy should not be used alone, but in combination with other therapies.
  9. Grape Juice Cancer Cure. The grape juice cancer cure has not the same cure rate as the Dr. Johanna Budwig cancer cure, but this one is highly regarded in many circles. Dr. Johanna Brandt specifically claims that rectal cancer can be cured with this therapy. The colon cancer patient must do grape juice enemas to be successful. This colon cancer treatment is easier to do than most and requires less money compared to other plans.
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