Amateur Wrestling Moves

Amateur wrestling moves can be used by even beginning wrestlers. Once you know a few moves, you can hold your own during a match. You might not be able to win yet, but with the right amateur wrestling moves, you can increase your skills and be on your way to becoming an accomplished wrestler.

  1. Defense Technique With the defense technique, you have a few options. The most effective variation of this amateur wrestling move, however, is to take hold of your opponent’s arm and pull it behind him with a twisting motion. Once you have his arm twisted behind his back, he will be helpless.
  2. Single Leg Takedown This amateur wrestling move is very effective when done correctly. To execute it, your opponent should be standing while you’re kneeling or crouching on the ground. You can often take your opponent by surprise after he gets you down on the mat. When he’s not looking, grab the back of his knee and pull forward as hard as you can. He’ll then come crashing down to the mat.
  3. Bicep Crusher The bicep crusher is done while both you and your opponent are down on the mat. Get your legs to sandwich the upper arm of your opponent. When you pull up on his arm and tighten his legs, you will be putting extreme pressure on the bicep muscle and causing your opponent a lot of pain at the same time.
  4. Offense Technique During a wrestling match, you can use the offense technique amateur wrestling move to fight your opponent. When your opponent is not facing you, push on his back with the palm of your hand. At the same time, reach under him to take out his legs, bringing you both to the ground.
  5. Headlock The headlock is a great amateur wrestling move to try out because it’s fairly easy to execute. Once your opponent has his back turned, you can accomplish a headlock by putting your arm around his neck and squeezing it between your upper and lower arm.
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