Amazing Wrestling Moves

Nothing can be better than watching the best and amazing wrestling moves. Wrestling is a sport that everyone can get into, especially when one sees some of these great and amazing moves. The following is a list of the most amazing wrestling moves based off of excitement, surprise and confusion factors. These moves are from all generations of wrestling.

  1. DDT. The DDT is a move that you scream at when it's being performed. There are many different ways to perform this move. However, all of them lead to the same sense of excitement and wow. The DDT involves grabbing an opponent's head and slamming it into the mat below with your entire body weight and strength. This move can paralyze an opponent if performed right.
  2. Dropkick. The dropkick is a classic, yet amazing wrestling move. The dropkick involves making your opponent dazed and confused, then standing them up on two feet. The wrestler than jumps as high as they can into the air, turns their body and kicks the opponent with both feet. The opponent then will fall back on the mat and hopefully blackout.
  3. Torture Rack. This is one of the best and most amazing wrestling moves. This move can make you cry or scream. The move involves picking an opponent up with both arms and holding them above your hand. The opponent rests on the wrestler's shoulders and their body is contorted and pulled in all directions like a battering ram. The opponent usually taps out to this.
  4. Moonsault. The moonsault is a mix of gymnastics and wrestling, which it makes it exciting and great. The moonsault involves the wrestler standing over the opponent, who is laying down on the ground below and usually dazed. The wrestler does a backflip and lands on top of the opponent with all of his/her body weight.
  5. Powerbowb. The name of this move makes it one of the best and amazing moves ever. The powerbowb involves the wrestler picking up opponent from the ground below and placing his/her head in between the wrestler's knees. The wrestler then picks the opponent up over his/her head and whips the opponent into the mat below. The move is ground shaking and painful. 
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