American Airlines Carry On Policy

Different airlines have different policies concerning carry on luggage, so If you are flying with American Airlines, you should learn about American Airlines' carry on policy. It is important you understand the carry on policy before you arrive at the airport. This way you can avoid any delays and/or any extra costs. Understanding American Airlines' carry on policy can also help you determine what you will bring with you on your flight and what you will leave at home. American Airlines allows you to carry one bag, one purse or briefcase and other small items like a book or a neck pillow.

American Airlines requires your carry on bag to be smaller than 45 inches. The maximum size for a carry on bag is 22" long x 14" wide x 9" tall or 114 cm. Additionally, You must be able to fit your carry on bag in the overhead storage area on the airplane. In addition to your carry on bag, American Airlines permits you to travel with a purse, briefcase or other "personal bag." Your personal bag must be smaller than 36 inches.

In addition to your carry on and personal bad, American Airlines permits you to carry other items on the plane. Other items that you can carry in addition to your two bags are things like jackets, reading material or food. Remember that there are strict guidelines for what types of liquids can be taken onto an aircraft (this includes all liquids, gels and aerosols). You should also keep in mind that if you are traveling internationally, different rules might apply to your connecting flight and you should check with that airline to ensure you don't have to leave a bag or pay extra for it.

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