American Express Black Card Qualifications

It is dificult to learn about the American Express Black Card qualifications. The motto of the American Express Black Card (also called the Centurion Card) is "rarely seen, always recognized." If you have seen the rare black American Express card, you have seen one of approximately 17,000 issued American Express Black Cards.  In keeping with the elusive nature of the American Express Black card, the qualifications to obtain one are not readily available. Here is what is known about American Express Black card qualifications:

  1. You have to have a high minimum activity. The qualifications to open an American Express Black card are not made public. There are a few things that are known and one of them is the minimum activity requirement. Reporters have cited a minimum activity of more than most Americans make in a year.  In the United States,  you must have a minimum activity on your American Express Black credit card of 250,000 dollars per year.
  2. You have to have excellent credit. It is difficult enough to qualify for a regular American Express card as you generally need a credit score above 700. To qualify for the American Express Black Card, you have to be even more than excellent credit. In addition to making payments on time, your net worth is factored in to the scoring process used to determine who can qualify.
  3. You have to be invited. In order to qualify for the American Express black card, your have to be invited or selected. If you have not received an invitation to apply, you are not currently eligible for the American Express Black card. There is no application, only an invitation. If you have been invited to apply for the American Express Black card, it is because they have selected you.
  4. You have to pay a fee. In order to receive the status associated with being an American Express Black card holder, you have to pay a 5000 dollar fee. Additionally, there is a 2500 dollar fee each year. If there is another person on the account, they have to pay 1500 dollars a year.
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