American Gladiators: Where Are They Now?

If you loved watching “American Gladiators” back in the day, then you’ll want to learn about American Gladiators: where are they now? so you can catch up on your old favorites. Although there have been other “American Gladiators” shows, the original cast from back in the 80’s and 90’s are what most people want to learn about and who can blame them? These are sports icons in their own right and why not see what these guys and girls are up to?

  1. Nitro. (Dan Clark) Nitro was one of the favorites of the original cast. Handsome and athletic, Dan Clark is still around today. While he doesn’t do television much anymore, he does have his own website and has appeared on a few shows such as “Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge,” “Walker Texas Ranger” and voices a character on “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.”
  2. Malibu. (Deron McBee) Malibu went on to star in over 30 movies. While they weren’t blockbusters, he does have an extensive background in acting in movies such as “Mortal Kombat” and a stint on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”
  3. Sabre. (Lynne Williams) According to Nitro, Sabre works with D.L. Hughley, which is his brother-in-law.
  4. Ice. (Lori Fettick) Ice is now a successful real estate agent in the San Fernando Valley area of California.
  5. Jazz. (Victoria Gay) Jazz is still a dedicated athlete and very much into training. She lives in Houston, Texas.
  6. Lace. (Marisa Pare) Lace has been very active in the Hollywood scene by appearing in various movies such as “Clueless.” She also posed nude for Playboy and has been seen as a fashion coordinator for the “The Women’s Club” which is a movie her former husband Michael Pare starred in.
  7. Gemini. (Michael Horton) It seems that many of the American Gladiators have been in a movie or two and Gemini is no exception. He starred in “Renegade” as well as the movie, “Night at the Roxbury.”
  8. Zap. (Raye Hollitt) Zap was in movies like her fellow employees and starred in “Letters From a Killer” as well as a few other appearances. She runs a successful florist business and owns a website all about herself. She is another American Gladiator that did a spread in Playboy.
  9. Sunny. (Cheryl Baridinger) Sunny seemed to move on to obscurity after an injury took her off the show after the first and only season she did. She was spotted doing an ad for Up-time Nutrition as a spokeswoman.
  10. Laser. (Jim Starr) Laser is the founder and president of his own company, Sports Nutrition Consulting Group, and is going to be launching his own line of dietary supplements and nutritional products. He lives in California with his wife, Tonya, also a successful business owner, and children. He has also been seen as a producer and actor over the years since his stint on the show, and he will be appearing in an ESPN 30 for 30 film this spring.
  11. Storm. (Debbie Clark) Every show has to have a few sad stories and Storm is the one for “American Gladiators.” After escaping an abusive relationship, she became homeless and could not find work after a knee injury on the show. The last time that she was heard from, people were trying to help her, including castmates from the show.
  12. Siren. (Shirley Beattie) Siren is another heartbreaking story. In 2008, she committed suicide after dealing with bipolar disorder. She was the only deaf contestant on the show.

There you have it; all the information on most of the original American Gladiators. Some are harder to find out about and weren’t deliberately left out out of the list. Hopefully, this helps with your curiosity on what they are doing now.

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