American Income Life Scam

What is American Income Life Insurance Company scam? Insurance company scams are everywhere, and it is hard to be a smart consumer. Not only are there reports that American Income Life scams its costumers with their life insurance policies, but that they also scam their employees. Is this a legitimate company or a scam?

There are numerous complaints on American Income Life with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These complaints range from accusations of billing errors that were not corrected, policy cancelations, false advertisement and other fraudulent practices. The BBB shows that many of these complaints have been resolved. For more on the claims made against American Income Life, contact your local BBB or go to American Income Life is not accredited with the BBB but businesses do not have to be. Being accredited does help consumers know that the company is legitimate.

Another American Income Life scam has to do with their employment opportunities. Like many sales companies, they offer prospective employees a chance to earn up to a large salary. This large salary is performance based, though and many employees complain that they did not understand the amount of licensing they would be responsible for. Other complaints are that many of the people contacted by American Income Life don’t remember applying for the position, making it seem like a scam. Another complaint is that the job title that they are being considered for is never fully explained.

So is American Income Life a scam? Like with any life insurance, you should compare the policy with other companies before you make a purchase. American Income Life is a legitimate company but their policies might not be as good as a deal as they appear to be. The same can be said about the job opportunities they offer.



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