American Pie’ Actors: Where Are They Now?

The movie "American Pie" has attained the status of classic in our culture, so you may be asking yourself, "'American Pie' actors: where are they now?" The movie was released in 1999, and now the actors that will always be remembered for the characters they played, have grown up. We have tracked them down and compiled a list of the major actors telling you where they are now.

  1. Jim Levenstein-Played by Jason Biggs. Jason Biggs has done a lot of projects since American Pie, unfortunately none have topped the stature of the "American Pie" movies. He recently starred in "Lower Learning" where he plays a pathetic vice-principal who somehow saves the day. Another movie he starred in in recent years was "My Best Friend's Girl" with Dane Cook, and Kate Hudson.
  2. Chris 'Oz' Ostreicher-Played by Chris Klein. Chris Klein has also stayed active in the movies, but is mostly in supporting roles of bigger movies, or the lead role of less advertised smaller films. He was recently in "Play Dead" as Ronnie Reno. He was also in "Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li" as Charlie Nash.
  3. Kevin Myers-Played by Thomas Ian Nicholas. Thomas Ian Nicholas very recently played in a comedy called "Please Give" that is due to be released this year. He was also in "The Hitman" as Mr. Jones.
  4. Michelle Flaherty-Played by Alyson Hannigan. Alyson Hannigan has had a little less luck in scoring roles in bigger films. She played Julia Jones in "Date Movie" a spoof by two of the writers of the "Scary Movie" franchise of chick flicks. It is considered a virtual flop. Although her performance was funny, the overall writing caused the movie to shoot itself in the foot. She also plays the role of Lily Aldrin in the TV series "How I Met Your Mother".
  5. Nadia-Played by Shannon Elizabeth. Shannon Elizabeth's career has continued but has never blossomed. In a movie due to be released this year titled "Night of the Demons" she plays the character Angela Feld. She also played Michelle in "Deal".
  6. Victoria 'Vicky' Lathum-Played by Tara Reid. Tara Reid has a couple of movies in production. She has also played in several episodes of "Scrubs" as the character Danni Sullivan. A somewhat recent movie she has starred in is "My Boss's Daughter" with Ashton Kutcher as the character Lisa Taylor.
  7. Paul Finch-Played by Eddie Kaye Thomas. He has mostly played in TV shows recently such as "How to Make it in America" and "American Dad" as Barry. He also played in "Venus and Vegas" as Alex.
  8. Steve Stifler-Played by Seann William Scott. Seann William Scott has probably been the most successful out of the whole "American Pie" cast. He was recently in "Role Models" as the character Wheeler and played the voice of Skiff in "Planet 51" among several other projects.
  9. Noah Levenstein (Jim's Dad)-Played by Eugene Levy. Eugene Levy has been a consistent character throughout all the smaller movies that have branched off the American Pie franchise. And he also lent his voice to the film "Astro Boy" as Orrin.
  10. Stifler's Mom-Played by Jennifer Coolidge. Jennifer Coolidge has done a few projects mostly in the realm of TV recently. She plays the character Betty in "The Secret Life of the American Teenager".
  11. Chuck Sherman "Sherminator"-Played by Chris Owen. Chris Owen, who hasn't changed much physically in the last ten years, has played in a few movies. Recently in "Super Capers" as Igniter Boy. And also as Norm in "The Mist" that came out a few years ago.

There is a rumor of an "American Pie 4" in development starring all the original cast, said to be coming out in 2012. The franchise wants to get a movie back on the big screen, and is working on getting the screen play written this year.

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