Amitriptyline Side Effects

People who are new to taking Elavil should find out amitriptyline's side effects. This prescription medication is a tricyclic antidepressant prescribed to avoid migraines, remedy eating disorders and alter depression. Anyone who takes this medication for the first time should consider the known amitriptyline (Elavil) side effects.

  1. Sleep complications. One of amitriptyline's side effects includes trouble sleeping. Results of interrupted sleep are irritability and restlessness. Taking this medication can make it hard to sleep or fully awaken after slumber.
  2. Brain function. This group of unintended side effects from taking the drug temporarily limits or impairs brain function. Persons may experience feeling dizzy or becoming confused. Another amitriptyline side effect is feeling intense fatigue or drowsiness.
  3. Waste removal. A percentage of people will experience hardships in eliminating waste as one of amitriptyline's side effects. A consequence of taking Elavil is difficulty producing solid waste (constipation) without the use of a laxative. A significant number of people undergo problems with liquid waste (urination) while on amitriptyline.
  4. Miscellaneous problems. A collection of symptoms are a mixed bag of miscellaneous symptoms. Changes in weight and blood sugar levels are possible side effects, along with hair loss. Amitriptyline's sexual side effects are changes in sex drive or erectile dysfunction.
  5. Dangerous signs. This category of amitriptyline side effects are the most serious and anyone that experiences these symptoms should contact a doctor. Heart-related warning signs are increased heart rates and fluctuations in rhythm. Included in this category are hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and seizures.



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