Amsterdam Brothels

Gentlemen, you should be warned:  There are brothels in Amsterdam.  If you and the guys are taking a trip than you should be aware that there are places that you're going to want to avoid to protect your morals and stay upright.  (cough)  There are lots…I mean, LOTS, of Amsterdam brothels that should be avoided. (wink, wink)  There are even 5 specific ones that you'll want to NOT visit for a GREAT TIME.  Ok, are the girls gone?  Enjoy guys but be safe!

  1. You think mall kiosks have hot girls working at them?  You've never seen these small, individual, kiosk-like Amsterdam brothels then!  They are rented and operated by individual prostitutes by the day.  You walk by a window or glass door and see a girl you like, negotiate a price and go in the mini-brothel with her.  Done.  They're everywhere.  You'll know them when you see them.
  2. Sale!  Sale! Sale!  The Jan Bik club prints 50% off coupons in the local newspapers.  The club is aimed at the common man so the prices are kept very reasonable.  The owner, Jan Bik, is a 70 year old retiree who believes he should be exempt from the Dutch Prostitute Tax because the ladies are entrepreneurs and not employees.  He also operates a complaint department–a first amongst Amsterdam brothels.  Find them at Buitenwieringenstraat 3-5 1013 GH Amsterdam?
  3. Feel the Love at Love Club 21.  This is basically a Thai operated massage parlor that guarantees a happy ending for the right price.  Remember, there is no need to tip-toe around the subject.  You're in Amsterdam and prostitution is completely legal.  Located at Koestraat 21.
  4. Having a loyal clientele base is important.  And Park 118 has no issue with that.  Located at Sarphatipark 118 (evidently Amsterdam brothels aren't big on clever naming!–see above Jan Bik club)  this place has great reviews and a website with pictures.  The atmosphere is relaxed and upscale on the inside. 
  5. Upscale is where its at, though!  Considered one of the classier Amsterdam brothels is Amsterdam Prive.  It is located at the far end of Vondelpark on Overtoom 443. The website has pictures of the joint and the girls! 
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