Is Anal Sex OK During Pregnancy?

If your partner is pregnant, you might be wondering is anal sex is OK during pregnancy. Before you try any sexual positions or techniques, you should ask that your partner talk it over with her doctor, or you should do so together. There are some general guidelines to follow when it comes to sex and anal sex during pregnancy, but all pregnancies are different. Complications can arise based on individual circumstances, so it’s always smart to check with the doctor.

Avoid anal sex if your partner has hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are a common condition during pregnancy, and they are likely to break open and bleed during anal sex. Excessive blood loss is possible, which can harm your pregnant partner, as well as the fetus. If hemorrhoids are present, skip the anal sex.

Stop if it gets uncomfortable. Pregnancy can cause a lot of irritation and discomfort in the anal region. Keep the lines of communication open, and if you’re partner asks you to stop, stop.

Wear a condom. Reduce the chances of transmitting any diseases or conditions to your pregnant partner by putting on a condom before you have anal sex. This is especially important with anal sex because it’s more likely that the anal skin will break during pregnancy, which diseases and bacteria can be transmitted through.

Change condoms before moving to vaginal sex. Do not use the same condom in the vagina that was used for anal sex. This can cause bacterial vaginitis and preterm labor. Always put on a fresh condom.

Clean up after. Your partner should shower and wash up following anal sex while pregnant. This is because anal sex can cause bacteria to spread to the vagina, which can complicate the pregnancy. Washing up right after anal sex reduces this risk.

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