Anchorman’ Drinking Game Rules

The "Anchorman" Drinking Game is a adult game based on the movie "Anchorman" starring Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell and Christina Applegate. As with many drinking games based on television shows or movies, you drink based on the actions that happen during the movie. The "Anchorman" Drinking Game is a basic drinking game; instead of different amounts of drinks being assigned to each action in the movie, everything requires players to take one drink. A drink is the equivalent of one shot or one sip of a beer or mixed drink.

To play the "Anchorman" Drinking Game, you will need:

  • Alcohol of your choice
  • Glassware
  • "Anchorman" movie
  1. Whenever Will Ferrell's news team has a "News Team Showdown" with Vince Vaughn's crew, everyone must take a drink.  These showdowns involve competing teams trying to get the news story before Farrell's team.
  2. Take a drink when Will Ferrell's team poses together in the movie or when anyone mentions reports about "news." This happens frequently, making the level of intoxication in the game high.
  3. Drink anytime Ron's dog speaks. This isn't frequent, but occurs enough to keep you looking for the opportunity.
  4. Consume a drink any time someone flirts with Christina Applegate's character. As you might guess, this is a frequent event in the movie because she adds the sex appeal to the movie.
  5. Drink every time "Brick" says something stupid. His off topic and nonsensical comments are the punch line of much of the movie. This means you must be prepared to drink the majority of the time you see him speaking on screen.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Add to the intoxication level of the "Anchorman" Drinking Game by requiring everyone to drink anytime the name "Ron Burgundy" is mentioned. This is not included in the original rules because it will increase this game from a medium intoxication level to extremely high.
  • Pay attention during the movie. If your fellow players agree, a rule can be implemented that if someone is caught failing to drink for one of the actions listed below, there's a penalty. That penalty can be determined by the group, but two common penalties are drinking two drinks or chugging the rest of your drink left in your glass.
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