In And Out Burger Locations

In and Out Burger locations are very specific to a few states in the United States, as this elite fast food burger company has only set up their burger joints in places that they believe won't adversely effect their brand. An In and Out burger is a delicious and relatively inexpensive burger known as one of the best burgers made, in general. These In and Out Burger locations can be searched out by state, some more easily then others, based on the number of locations in each state. The list below will provide a basic rundown of In and Out Burger locations scattered around a small part of the United States.

  1. California Since the first In and Out burger location was in California, this is the home state for the elite burger joint with In and Out Burger locations spread all over the state. There are a total of 203 In and Out Burger locations across the Golden State, from the top to the bottom, in small towns and big cities alike. It is a welcome alternative to road trippers and a favorite of tourists and college students.
  2. Arizona Arizona has the second largest number of In and Out Burger locations but still not nearly as many as California. There's a total number of 28 In and Out Burger locations in Arizona with a handful along the border between California and Nevada and a vast majority located between Phoenix and Tucson along Interstate 17, 8 and 10.
  3. Nevada Nevada also has a large number of In and Out Burger locations, though they are isolated to a couple cities in the vastly unpopulated state. These are obviously Reno, Nevada and Las Vegas, Nevada, as these are the main places people visit while in the state.
  4. Utah Utah is one of the newest states to have In and Out Burger locations with the majority of its eight locations located in the major metropolitan city of Salt Lake City. There is one In and Out location in the southern part of the state in Washington City.
  5. Texas The newest state to have the joy of In and Out Burger locations is Texas, which has three locations in the suburbs around the Dallas metropolitan area. These three locations are the first of what has been talked about as many more in the state of Texas.
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