In And Out Burger Secret Menu

Learning that In and Out Burger has a secret menu should not come as a shocking revelation. Fast food is all about secrets. KFC fashioned a secret blend of eleven herbs and spices to cover up the secret blend of eleven critters composing its fried "chicken." McDonald's created a secret sauce made from employees who make the mistake of trying to unionize after making bunches of Big Macs and puts that sauce on every Big Mac. At In and Out Burger, you can order a variety of menu items built to your specifications. Simply jot down this secret menu insider's knowledge and you'll be on the way to having it your way:

  1. Double Meat This offering consists of two beef patties with no cheese and it comes with lettuce, tomatoes and spread. Onions can be added if so desired. A perfect way to double your pleasure and your fun, if pleasure and fun equal double helpings of artery clogging grease in your sick, twisted mind.

  2. 3×3 Three pieces of patties and three pieces of cheese make up this secret burger. Judging by its name, it sounds like material used at a construction site.

  3. 4×4 A variation on the 3×3 with an extra helping each of a beef patty and a slice of cheese. The next natural step after ordering this secret burger is to simply stick the whole cow on your serving tray and dig in.

  4. Animal Style The most famous resident on In and Out's secret menu. You can get virtually any burger served animal style. The meat is cooked in mustard, stacked with lettuce and tomatoes. Pickles, cheese, spread and grilled onions complete the burger. As an added bonus, you can also dine on it in animal style—wolfing it down in huge bites while growing and swatting at anyone who comes to close to you.

  5. Grilled Cheese Just like the lunch Mom used to make when she felt too tired or stressed to bother whipping up anything beyond the basics. This sandwich eliminates the burger and combines two slices of melted American cheese with lettuce, tomatoes, spread and optional onions.

  6. Protein Style Instead of tossing out the burger, this menu offering ditches the bun. You get your favorite burger wrapped in a lettuce leaf instead. This lets you eat like a cow while also eating the cow.

  7. Flying Dutchman This is not listed on the In and Out website, although their trademark on the name speaks volumes. Just go ahead and offer two burger served with two slices of American cheese and try to call it by that name. You will be buying each of their lawyers a second yacht.

  8. Neapolitan Shake All three shake flavors—chocolate, vanilla and strawberry—mixed together in the same cup. Who knew a shake could provide such a heartwarming example of diversity in action?

  9. Animal Fries Fries served with melted cheese, spread and grilled onions on top. Can be paired with an Animal Burger, but will probably require a new round of shots from the vet afterward.

  10. Lemon-Up A popular drink combining one-half lemonade with one-half 7-Up. It is a guaranteed sugar overload and a good way to get your sugar fix. Also a good way to land yourself in a twelve-step program for recovering sugar junkies.

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